A few highlights from this issue:

  • Thank you for a great year!
  • Click here to see the slideshows from our May meeting highlighting our accomplishments and our Annual Treasurer’s Report.
  • Click here to RSVP for our Volunteer Appreciation Party! All volunteers and donors from this past school year are invited, along with their families.
  • Congratulations to some awesome runners
  • Read about our Garden Program!
  • Thank you to our amazing volunteers
  • Thank you to everyone who helped make Teacher and Staff Appreciation week a huge success!
  • FJMS received an award for our Give and Take event!

Thank Yous from Joe Michell School

Dear FJMS,
Thank you for your tireless work this school year. The Fun Run, Auction, and many other events were well organized and represented Joe Michell well. Thank you for the amazing Teacher Appreciation Week event. The cute camping theme and yummy treats were enjoyed by all. As a member of the Middle School Team, I was very appreciative of the Amazon gift card. Thank you for all that you do for Joe Michell School.

— Sue Lai, Middle School Teacher

FJMS has been incredibly supportive of the Nest, our new wellness space on campus. They have shown such interest in promoting the mental health and well-being of our students and staff. They generously funded lunch for our Staff Wellness Week and allowed me the time to share about the Nest at a FJMS meeting. Through the FJMS grant program, I was also the recipient of funds currently being used to promote Summer Mental Health Wellness for our middle school students through grab bags with mindfulness, wellness and mental health resources and tools. I appreciate the time (and baked goods) FJMS members have given attending and promoting Eagle Chats, which has also allowed me the time to share about what we are doing to support the mental health of our students. Aside from the impact they’ve made on the Nest and what I’m able to do for our students, I feel incredibly supported through thoughtful treats, themed celebrations, and memorable events. Thank you all for the work you put in, it truly makes a difference! Go Eagles!

— Kimberly Woodworth, School Counselor

The 4th grade is extremely appreciative of FJMS for the financial help with the buses for our field trips to Sacramento and Mission San Juan Bautista. Taking that burden off the families was a huge blessing. I am personally thankful to FJMS for all the lunches and teacher food treats we have received. Food is my love language.

— Eric Walker, 4th Grade Teacher

FJMS has been a tremendous supporter of our 8th-grade community service projects. Through the Give and Take event, they provided goods and so much encouragement for our students.

Mrs. Theiss even came to many of our project presentations.

The IB night was such an amazing night for all of us involved. It showed us just how supportive the FJMS is of our desire to learn. We could not have done it without you!

Our garden is amazing. Miss Joelle and her helpers inspire us constantly with their knowledge and the ever-changing environment they expose us to.

Thank you FJMS for making this possible. It is truly appreciated!

— Margaret Ball, IB Coordinator

Thank you for the food and Amazon gift cards during Teacher Appreciation Week.

— Kevin Garcia, Middle School Teacher

JMS is the best! The snack cart has saved me from a grumpy mood on more than one occasion.

— Mary Drouin, Resource Specialist 

FJMS has been such a huge support to our school! Whenever we have a need, they figure out fun ways for our community to come together and help fund the needs. For many years, first grade has benefited from money that has paid for our Scholastic News magazine subscriptions. FJMS’s volunteer support, staff appreciation, and monetary gifts are very well received and appreciated every year!

— Sarah Stanger-Montano, 1st Grade Teacher

A huge THANK YOU to FJMS for all you do for our school! Our third graders loved our trip to the San Francisco Exploratorium, made possible by the buses you helped to provide, and we are so excited about the new stage lights, which will be put to use for our play! All of the fun fundraisers and events bring so much joy to our students, we appreciate all of your hard work and support!!

— The Third Grade Team

FJMS has been a huge help to our classroom this year! They have provided ongoing funds to help purchase supplies, books, and art supplies. They also assisted me in purchasing an Apple TV for the classroom, which will allow me to create digital lessons that I can project onto the screen and allow students to share their work as well. FJMS is such a valuable resource, and their support is so appreciated!

Thank you FJMS for taking such good care of our classrooms, and more importantly, our students!

— Bobbi Byrnes, Kindergarten Teacher

Thank you for funding the portable white boards for my room and the Resource room. I am grateful for the grant money you made available to fund these needs. Our students will benefit from having additional space to collaborate and complete work. Thanks for your support. I appreciate your desire to help our students and staff.

— Teresa Hallum, Middle School Teacher

Thank you FJMS for all the love during teacher appreciation week with the treats, lunch, and goodies. It was so appreciated.

— Lori Mendoza

Dear Friends of Joe Michell,
Thank you for your continuous support of Joe Michell School and Joe Michell Athletics. We cannot thank you enough for helping to provide our student athletes with the best equipment possible. Your generous donations to both our Eagle students and staff helps ensure an extremely fun and safe learning environment! As teachers we felt very loved and supported during our teacher appreciation week. The snacks, meals and goodies gave us extra energy and positive vibes! Thank you for all that you do for our Eagle Community.

— Justin McPherson, PE Department

FJMS- Thank you so much for all the joy you bring to our hearts and our tummies throughout the school year. Your thoughtfulness, hard work and commitment does not go unnoticed! We appreciate you and all you do for our staff, students and community. Thank you!

— JMS Office Staff

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