Garden Program

Pumpkins in the JMS garden

About our garden program

    • Did you know there is a garden at Joe Michell School? FJMS volunteers work with teachers and students to plant, care for, learn about, and taste different plants throughout the school year. It’s an awesome opportunity for our kids to get outside and learn to love and care for our planet.
    • The garden program wouldn’t be possible without our awesome volunteers, lead by our garden director Joelle Cook, and the support of our JMS teachers and our community. If you would like to volunteer to help with the school garden, please email our volunteer director. You must be fully cleared through the district.
    • Our garden is also supported by donations from our community! If you would like to donate directly to the garden, check out our School Garden Amazon Wish List.
    • A very special thanks to a local nonprofit, Fertile GroundWorks, for helping us keep our garden growing and thriving.

Garden Gallery

February 2024:

  • We made hearts to decorate the garden, plulled weeds, and planted wildflower seeds
  • We talked about why plants in the garden aren’t growing and came up with some solutions, liked adding worm castings, compost, and fertilizer
  • We planted some new plants, tasted broccoli and button mushrooms, and cleaned up around the garden and got to dig for worms

January 2024:

  • We talked about seeds, looked at seeds sprouting, and talked about seeds we recognize from home like black beans and quinoa
  • We admired the Indian blanket native flower used medically by indigenous people and discussed it’s uses and medicinal properties
  • In the winter, the nights are longer. Traditionally it is a time for dreams. We thought about our dreams for the year and “planted” them in the garden.
  • Our lemon tree is so happy! We tasted lemons. Some students squeezed them into warm honey water.
  • We looked at more mushrooms to carryover our theme from December


December 2023:

  • Students learned about fungus! They read a book called Mushroom Rain
  • Students heard some funny mushroom names and tried to draw what they thought they might look like. Then they got to see and touch a chicken of the woods mushroom.
  • Pumpkins continue decomposing and students got to taste parsely and rosemary


November 2023:

Students helped plant winter veggies, tasted pumpkin, pomegranates, and figs, and learned about decomposition


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