FJMS raises funds for initiatives such as student enrichment and activities, technology, buses for field trips, staff appreciation, community events, and more! We work closely with Joe Michell School teachers and staff to identify needs and set goals to support our students, enrich our classrooms, and build our community.

FJMS traditionally hosts three major fundraisers each school year. This year we will have: Color Run in October, Thankful for Education in November and December, and Eagle Night in April. Read more about each of our fundraisers below.

FJMS is a 501(c)(3) charity and donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your continued support!

Color Run

COMPLETE! We raised over $45,000 this year during our Color Run Fundraiser!

We like to kick off the school year with our biggest fundraiser! Using a platform called Pledgestar, students gather donations from family, friends and neighbors. On the day of the event, each grade wears their grade-level color and heads to the field to run. Awards are given to classes for the most money earned, the most participation, and the most spirited class. Funds raised are used for many needs, big and small, such as field trip buses, community events, the garden program,  staff appreciation, and more.

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Thankful for Education

COMPLETE! Thank you for helping us support our classrooms!

Our T4E fundraiser is an opportunity for families of students to support a specific need at JMS. This year we are raising money specifically for student enrichment activities in the classroom. The funds will be given to each grade or class to use for whatever they think will best enhance the activities in their classrooms. Many T4E  donors are able to take advantage of company matching programs to help bring in higher donations.

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Eagle Night

Join us for Eagle Night April 19th at the Del Valle Winery! Tickets are available now at an early-bird discount!

This fundraiser gives parents, guardians, teachers, and staff a chance to get together for a fun night out just for adults. Funds are raised through ticket sales, corporate sponsorships, and an auction of items donated by members of our community, local businesses, and more. Advance ticket purchase and registration are required. If you are interested in donating to our auction or helping with this event, please contact our fundraising team.

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Why three fundraisers? Our fundraisers vary in format and purpose, so you can decide if you want to focus your giving on only one or two fundraisers, or if you want to participate in all three.

Really, just three? Yes, but occasionally we partner with restaurants or local businesses for dine-out fundraising nights or other fundraising opportunities. Also, JMS will host their own fundraisers throughout the year, and we hope you consider participating in these as well, if you are able.

How can I help if fundraising isn’t my thing?

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