We put the FUN in Fundraising
FJMS prefers to have fewer fundraisers throughout the year. We find that it’s less work for volunteers and the more enjoyable for parents to not always be hit up for money. This year we’ve decided on only THREE direct fundraising events! Please note these events in your calendar and make every attempt to support Joe Michell and our students at these three events.

FJMS Fundraising 2021

Hi Friends of Joe Mitchell! We are so excited to see our children return to campus and experience the beauty of the new builds, their friendships, and their teachers!  We are highly optimistic that this school year will be fabulous, and to achieve this, we need your...

Eagle Class Act 2021

Friends of Joe Michell School - Eagle's Class Act 2021 We are proud to present Eagles’ Class Act as our spring fundraiser. We have so much talent in our community! As a way to celebrate our talents in a safe and fun way, our community has come together to offer a...

Thankful for Education 2020

Our Thankful for Education campaign is the time we ask our families to dig deep and show their financial support for our children. We are blessed to receive a free education but imagine how many more resources we can provide if we all give $1 per day. This year our...

Hoedown at Eagle Ranch 3-7-2020

Friends of Joe Michell School - Shindig 2020 Our Shindig is a community celebration for Joe Michell families and friends to spend an evening together building friendships and raising funds. Please join the Hoedown at Eagle Ranch for the 2020 Shindig. Get your tickets,...

FJMS Fundraising Stats

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