The FJMS Color Fun Run was a GREAT success!!!

We raised over $24,000 for classroom technology.


The Classroom Shoe Awards go to:

  • Blue Shoe (spirit award) Ms. Ashworth’s 4th grade.
  • Silver Shoe (most participation) Ms. Byrnes kindergarten with 73% participation.
  • Gold Shoe (most money raised) Mrs. Machi’s 1st grade who raised over $1,900.

Congratulations to all the Shoe winners!

We surpassed our fundraising goal for this event! The original goal for the Color Fun Run was $20,000. Our official gross income was $26,050.25. We have about $1,300 in expenses. All of the money raised is going to purchase chrome carts for the school. Each cart costs just under $12,000. The money raised will be able to purchase two full carts. A cart consists of 33 chromebooks contained in a charging station.

Approximately 41% of our students participated in the fundraising portion of the event.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible, from the the FJMS volunteers who set-up the track and organized the event to the parents and community members who cheered, got colored shirts, or donated, and of course to the students who made this event awesome with all of their enthusiasm.

(I struggled with how to know which photos were okay to post. If there’s a photo here that you’d like taken down please just contact us.)

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