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What is FJMS?

You are FJMS… simply by having a child at Joe Michell School (JMS) -or- wanting to make an impact at JMS you are a valuable part of FJMS. The purpose of Friends of Joe Michell School (FJMS) is to:

  1. Promote cooperation and goodwill within the school community including parents, guardians, and staff in all matters pertaining to the general welfare of the pupils of JMS
  2. Promote and coordinate volunteers to assist school staff
  3. Provide fundraising projects to support JMS needs not provided by other means.

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FJMS is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax deductible.

Community Events

Carnival 9/14

This outdoor, exciting carnival is an opportunity to connect with other JMS families at the start of school and have a blast at all of the fun carnival booths! Entry is free and there’s also a chance to purchase tickets for food and games to support grade level needs, trips and experiences.

Winter Festival 1/25

Great food and a no-stress night of socializing with friends with accompanying music, crafts for the kids, and themed performances. There’s a friendly grade level contest where the classes in each grade design and build a cooperative project. The whole family is encouraged to attend this lively event. Come join and eat at no cost!

Farmer's Market 5/7

Take a stroll through our community garden and have a taste of what our students have been growing. We encourage you to bring treats from your garden and your favorite table or sports game to share as well. Crafts and activity tables, a garden tour, games of all kinds, a light dinner, and veggies all free!

Fundraising Events

Color Fun Run 10/10

Our students celebrate their school spirit while raising funds to promote the health of their school and are physically active to support the health of their bodies. The goal of this fundraiser is for you to reach out to friends, family, neighbors, etc. and give them the chance to pledge support to your child’s education.

Thankful for Education

This giving campaign is an opportunity for you to give financially to help enhance an identified school program that could use extra funds. Our kids have 180 days of instruction… If we all pledged $1/day ($180) imagine the impact that would have.  (Please check with your employer to see if they provide matching donations)

Shindig 3/23

/SHin.dig/ noun A large, lively party, especially one celebrating something: This is the night that we celebrate us!!! Our Shindig is a community celebration for Joe Michell families and friends to spend an evening together building on friendships and raising funds. This evening includes food, drinks, dancing, both live and silent auctions and memories that will last forever.

Shindig 2018

Shindig 2018

Friends of Joe Michell School - Shindig 2018 Please join us for a night of fellowship and fundraising as we "Dare to Adventure" at our National Park Shindig. Be our guest on March 24th from 6 to 10pm. $40 will get you a "National Parks Pass."...

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Thankful for Education 2017

Thankful for Education 2017

At Joe Michell we are fortunate to educate our students at an International Baccalaureate World School which aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who will create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. FJME strives to maintain and increase programs that help provide a balanced, global education for our children.

Study and participation in the fine arts is a key component in improving learning throughout all academic areas. Evidence of its effectiveness include:

Color Fun Run 2017 Fundraising Results!

Color Fun Run 2017 Fundraising Results!

The FJMS Color Fun Run was a GREAT success!!!

We raised over $24,000 for classroom technology.

The Classroom Shoe Awards go to:

Blue Shoe (spirit award) Ms. Ashworth’s 4th grade.
Silver Shoe (most participation) Ms. Byrnes kindergarten with 73% participation.
Gold Shoe (most money raised) Mrs. Machi’s 1st grade who raised over $1,900.

Community Partners

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